Nicki Minaj is an eccentric gal, with a unique fashion sense, rapping alter egos, and theatrical performances. Minaj is once again proving that she is a rare breed with a comment she made about Taylor Swift, whom she performed her hit 'Super Bass' with at one of Swift's concerts in L.A. recently.

Speaking to HipHop DX about Taylor Swift and 'Super Bass,' Minaj said, "I want to publicly say again that Taylor Swift really launched that single into another stratosphere, with just tweeting about it and rapping it and stuff." The rapper continued, "I performed it with Taylor, and she's so cute, and she's like a big bowl of ice cream!"

Hmmm. We're not exactly sure how a person can be equated to a "big bowl of ice cream," but we're almost positive Minaj was basically saying that Swift is a sweetie. We would have to agree. Taylor is an absolute gem, donating immense amounts of time and energy to charitable organizations and her fans. Not to mention that she has the most adorable demeanor we have ever seen.

During the interview, Minaj also spoke about her next album, and the involvement her alter ego Roman Zolanski (who is a foul-mouthed, trouble-making British school boy) will have on her second LP.

"All I can say is that Roman will definitely be a humongous part of the follow-up to 'Pink Friday,'" Minaj said. "I can’t talk about anything else that has to do with the sophomore album. All I can say is that I’m working on it and the fans are gonna get their life and then some."

Watch Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Perform 'Super Bass'