If you missed the girl power fest that was this summer's Femme Fatale tour, featuring Britney 'Don't Call It a Comeback' Spears and 'Think Pink' rap queen Nicki Minaj, then it sucks to be you. However, the sting can be alleviated a little thanks to the release of this just-under-a-minute video that was used during the concert! If you did shell out cash for a ticket, this will transport you to the experience of taking in the show, so it's win-win for everyone.

The video is for Minaj rap verse on the remix of Brit's dance anthem 'Till the World Ends.' You'll be surprised that there is hardly any pink in the clip, save for Minaj's dagger-like nails. She is rocking a form-fitting, sleeveless black frock and a short, blunt black bob wig -- sorta like Jessie J.

Miss Minaj offers up a myriad of facial expressions while she dances and sings about poultry. Her toothy smile, her rubbery face contortions and her hand gestures (like the heart shape she makes with her hands) move at a mile a minute throughout the clip. Nicki Minaj cannot be stopped!

It's a frantic 40 seconds, but that's what makes Minaj so watchable. She isn't afraid to make silly faces and to be all kinds of goofy in order to entertain the fans.

Watch the Nicki Minaj 'Till the World Ends' Remix Video From the Femme Fatale Tour