If you've been watching MTV lately and thinking to yourself, "You know, what this place could use is some more twerking," then good news: Nicki Minaj is putting the finishing touches on her new video for 'Stupid Hoe,' and it sounds like she might bring the twerk.

That isn't all, of course. In typical Minaj fashion, Nicki promises a bizarre feast for the eyes in the video, including costume changes, custom nail designs, and... fried chicken.

Nicki's been keeping her fans updated on her progress via Twitter, where she recently told followers, "Next shot is in a bathing suit and [hairstylist] terrence got me eating fried chkn and carrot cake!" She later followed up by saying, "Gettin my nailz done. still shootin the vid. 2 more looks!!!!"

As for the twerking (which, for the record, Urban Dictionary defines as "to work one's body, as in dancing, especially the rear end"), the jury is apparently still out. "Barbz, shld i twerk in the stupid hoe vid???" she asked followers, later teasing with: "but i 4got my twerkin moves ... dang."

Whatever the end result looks like, we're sure it'll deliver 100 percent Nicki -- and we can't wait to hear the rest of 'Roman Reloaded,' the album featuring 'Stupid Hoe,' when it drops on Feb. 14.