Nicki Minaj reportedly dated her former assistant and hypeman, Safaree Samuels, for over 10 years. Naturally their breakup took and emotional toll on the rapper, and she vented her emotions both on Twitter and The Pinkprint tracks such as "Bed of Lies" and "The Crying Game." Today (June 10), TMZ has shared Safaree's own ode to their split, a diss track called "Love The Most." You can listen to the song here.

Samuels demonstrates that he can come up with a (very rudimentary) rhyme scheme TOO, NICKI, with lines like, "Did the good outweigh the bad or did the bad outweigh the good / You ain't do it all alone, we took ourselves out of the hood."  

Nicki's ex also references one of her own breakup ballads ("we both went to sleep in the same bed of lies") and expresses pent-up jealousy. Evidently Nicki's "Right By My Side" video with Nas had her then-boyfriend stewing, as he says "Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it's all cool / Inside I was feeling like a motherf---king fool." Ah, the classic pairing of "cool" and "fool." Masterful!

Is Safaree suggesting that Nicki has a drug problem? Within an admission that he basically sponged off of her, there's an allegation: “Yeah I know I’m not perfect, you was paying all the bills / You remember what you told me that you wasn’t on them pills?" It's also possible that he just took her "Pills and Potions" track literally, snapping his head up all "HEY!" when he first heard the lyrics.

It can't be easy to watch your longtime partner rise to massive success in a career you evidently also want for yourself, then see them move on (with rapper Meek Mill) shortly after your messy public breakup. The situation does evoke sympathy — but this "diss track" is cringeworthy, and evidence that it's time for Samuels to move on too.

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