Tour riders can often provide a window into a singer's personality. Adele's list of concert requests, for instance, includes cigarettes and mandatory donations to charity, while Drake requires an impressive food spread and a whole lot of alcohol. The new Wonderland magazine article on Nicki Minaj details her own rider demands, which include roses, healthy food and candles that smell like baked goods.

Besides a request for two dozen roses — pink or white only — Minaj's tour rider reveals that the rapper takes great care of her voice. She wants two packs of Halls lemon honey drops, three packs of lozenges, a bottle of throat spray, and hot tea with lemon at every concert venue.

Minaj's meal options are amazingly healthy. Her backstage food requests include a fruit platter, dried cranberries, raw almonds, egg whites, turkey bacon, and a salad with cucumbers, olives, light dressing and Bumble Bee tuna. The one exception to her healthy diet? Fried chicken. Nicki insists on having three 12-piece buckets of spicy chicken, with mostly wings and no thighs.

Our favorite request is the one for three large baked goods-scented candles. Since Minaj isn't eating any cookies or cakes before her shows, at least she gets to enjoy their aroma. That's a clever way to get a junk food fix without packing on the calories!