The bodacious Nicole Scherzinger had to tell Conan O'Brien to focus during a recent appearance on the talk show host's eponymous TV program. That's because Scherzinger was wearing a low-cut dress that placed all the emphasis on her chest! They were certainly magnets for the eyes.

The singer and 'X Factor' judge was talking about how she met co-judge Simon Cowell, saying, "The way that I met Simon … They asked me to be a guest judge … Focus, Conan," she declared, pointing up when she realized that he was distracted (and rightfully so) by her perky breasts. He was more into her assets than her stories, that's for sure.

Hey, Nic, you asked for it with that revealing outfit. We'd be staring at the twins if we had a front row seat, too. If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em. The Scherz is well-endowed and her girls begged to be looked at. It's only natural, right? We can't blame Conan for his actions normal for a red-blooded, American man!

Conan himself acknowledged that it was hard to concentrate. He asked, "You didn't think I was going to look down there?" as he proceeded to violently shake his head. It was another hilarious moment on late night TV.

Watch the Video of Nicole Scherzinger Tell Conan to Focus