Former Pussycat Doll and new 'X Factor' judge Nicole Scherzinger took to Twitter to officially address and clear up some pretty big rumors that began circulating this weekend. Scherzinger let her fans and followers know that she is not engaged to race-care driver Lewis Hamilton, her boyfriend of four years.

Scherzinger, who is promoting her single 'Right There,' tweeted: "Lewis and I woke up this morning and read we were engaged! Sorry to disappoint u all but its not true:)."

While we can count on your fingers and toes how many celebrity engagement rumors pop up per day, this news, however false, certainly came from a credible source: Scherzinger's father, Alfonso Valiente. UK tabloid The Daily Mail quoted the proud papa as saying, "Yes, they are engaged."

Valiente also said, "My future son-in-law is a really nice guy, really down-to-earth. My family all like him. The good spirit is there."

The Scherz followed up her initial tweet on Monday, writing: "Hi all:) Just to reaffirm, Alfonso was misquoted... Lewis and I are not engaged. But thanks for the love and support!"

Misquoted? That's a pretty big leap for the Mail to take, as Valiente said a lot and was pretty detailed. Whatever the case, we'll take Nic's word for it. Even though Scherzinger and Hamilton are not getting hitched, they do make quite a dashing duo.

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