Nicole Scherzinger sent someone besides Lakoda Rayne and Leroy Bell home from 'X-Factor' this week. She also sent a creep packing!

TMZ snagged a video of a bizarre marriage proposal to the former Pussycat Doll. The clip is a bit shaky, but you can spot Scherzinger -- flanked by staff and security -- at the table during a taping break. A man kneels in front of her and you can hear fans speculating what's going on. The guy was proposing!

Soon, the audience caught wind of the situation and began booing the unrequited romantic and start yelling, "Stalker! Get the stalker off the stage!" Eventually security obliged.

To the guy's credit, it takes a lot of gall (and perhaps a few imbalanced brain chemicals) to march up to a celeb you've never met and ask for her hand in holy matrimony -- and with great risks can come great rewards. Or, in this case, great embarrassment and a possible restraining order.


Watch a Fan Propose to Nicole Scherzinger on the Set of 'X-Factor'