There's nothing like a good magic trick to send you into a maelstrom of emotions like shock, awe and confusion -- just ask Nicole Scherzinger!

In a newly released clip from the upcoming television special Mat Franco’s Got Talent, the magician, Mat Franco -- who, in season nine became the first magician to ever win America’s Got Talent -- asks Nicole a series of questions that ultimately leads to a magic trick. Fun!

Franco asks Nicole if she’s ever taken notice of all the things hidden in a dollar bill, and she responds with the wary tone of a skeptic (celebrities really are just like us!). After pointing out your more obvious “hidden” symbols on the bill, like an eyeball, Franco asks Nicole if she’s ever seen the butterfly hidden on a dollar bill. The catch, of course, is that there is no butterfly hidden on a dollar bill! So when Franco holds it up and shakes it slightly, a butterfly drawing magically appears on the front of the bill. Cue a mild freak-out from Nicole, which is to be expected when something literally materializes in front of your very eyes.

But then Franco takes things to the next level, when he uses the then-folded up dollar bill to reveal a real life butterfly in Nicole’s hand! It’s amazing, it’s magic and we’re just as horrified and confused as Nicole is. Where did it come from? Where will it go? Did Franco have a butterfly in his pocket the entire time? Is the butterfly all right?

You can catch the Mat Franco’s Got Talent special when it airs on September 17 at 9PM EST on NBC.