Nicole Scherzinger visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles yesterday in order to perform and present some memorabilia to the restaurant franchise. Before hitting the stage inside, the 33-year-old Hawaiian beauty took some time to speak with 102.7 KIIS FM (via Rap-Up). She talked about her upcoming album, saying that the US version of 'Killer Love' will be released some time this fall (instead of August as it was originally scheduled). She also spoke about how much she loves being involved with 'X Factor,' which makes its US debut on Sept. 21.

Scherzinger was looking very rock 'n' roll at the Hard Rock on Aug. 3. She wore a red and black feather coat, black leather shorts, black leather booties, and a sheer top and sparkly bra. She told KIIS FM personality JoJo that rock music inspired her outfit, but that her look was also inspired by Jim Henson's live puppet show 'Fraggle Rock.' If you don't know about 'Fraggle Rock,' here's a visual reference for you. Side note: For those who do recall 'Fraggle Rock,' did Marjory the Trash Heap scare the living bejesus out of you too?

Scherzinger donated her Pussycat Dolls outfit from the 'Buttons' video to the Hard Rock, and also treated fans to some of new 'Killer Love' tracks. Flip through these pictures and let us know what you think of her feathery, 'Fraggle' jacket.