In between bursting into impromptu renditions of 'I Will Always Love You' mid-judging on 'X Factor' and promoting her new single 'Try With Me,' Nicole Scherzinger is managing to keep busy. The repackaged version of her debut album, 'Killer Love,' was released Nov. 14 in the U.K., and a revamped version is due out in the United States on Dec. 6.

Fans of Scherzy Baby will be pleased to note that the new edition of the album contains several new tracks, including the 50 Cent remix of 'Right There,' her latest single 'Try With Me,' and two other songs: 'Trust Me I Lie' and 'Tomorrow Never Dies.'

'Trust Me I Lie,' penned by mega-hitmaker Diane Warren, is a slow-burning electro ballad that gives Scherzinger the chance to showcase her powerful vocals, and a clever lyrical hook: "Trust me I lie / When I say I don't need you / When I say I'll be alright."

'Tomorrow Never Dies' is equally strong. Despite its James Bond-alluding title, the track is actually a bright and bouncy midtempo with an infectious sing-along chorus and snappy drums.

The two tracks nicely complement the already strong showing on 'Killer Love' — we're crossing our fingers that they make the cut for the stateside release.

Listen to a Preview of Nicole Scherzinger's 'Trust Me I Lie'

Listen to a Preview of Nicole Scherzinger's 'Tomorrow Never Dies'