There's plenty of reasons to hate on raven-haired beauty Nicole Scherzinger. She's hot. She's talented. She's rich. She's famous. She's on a hit TV show. She has a rad body. Did we mention that she's hot? That's Nicole Scherzinger the celeb. What about Nicole Scherzinger the person?

While we've seen her wipe many a tear as the emotional judge on 'X Factor' this season, she has labeled herself "ruthless" and "selfish." And no, she wasn't explaining how she "stole" Cheryl Cole's job on the judging panel of the domestic version of 'X Factor,' either.

Entertainment Wise reports that while chatting overseas with Alan Carr on his namesake show, The Scherz said, "If believing in yourself and going after what you want in life and realizing your worth is ruthless and selfish, then I'm definitely ruthless and selfish." That sounds like advice she'd dole out to her charges in the 'Over 30s' category on the show.

Turns out Nic is really a sweetheart who wants to wrap her arms around the ousted Cole and give her a big hug. The ladies have not seen each other since Cole was booted, and Scherzinger said that if she saw Cole, she'd hug her. "I haven't seen Cheryl since I got the job. If I did, I'd give her a big hug," the ex-Pussycat Doll said.

Even though she has no hard feelings for Cole, she is still thrilled that she got the gig. We don't blame her! Her profile has increased significantly since she joined the show. Scherzinger added, "I'm just grateful for my job -- everything happened the way it's supposed to and I know she made the decision that's best for her."

We'd like to hear Cole's retort and/or response to Scherzinger's statements. Will the ladies hug it out? We hope so.