Nicole Scherzinger is a true glamazon. She's statuesque, stunning and knows how to work a pair of stilettos. In her video for 'Try With Me,' the Scherz once again demonstrates her glamazonian tendencies, while dancing in a Mexican rain forest.

She jetted off to the Xilitla rain forest in Mexico – not exactly a hop, skip and jump from her LA digs where she tapes 'X Factor.' But the video is better because of the sacrifices the singer made and the hardships she endured, like hectic traveling, in order to get it done.

Scherzinger is solo in the video, romping in the jungle, playing a moss-covered piano while wearing a white sheath and surrounded by the lush shrubbery of nature and a babbling waterfall. The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking and a beautiful babe like Scherzinger, who is easy on the eyes, only elevates the appeal. She's the sole human on site, but she's in the middle of plenty of rich plant life. Dropping a diva off in the middle of nature can often have damsel-in-distress leanings, but the Scherz looks right at home.

All you see, besides the greenery, is Scherzinger, her raven hair and bangin' bod, singing, dancing and emoting throughout the entirety of the clip. The song starts out soft and slow and builds up to a beat-driven breakdown.

Watch the Nicole Scherzinger 'Try With Me' Video