Former Pussycat Doll and 'X Factor' judge Nicole Scherzinger is normally a glamazon, but the singer strips down and goes a lil' ghetto fab in the video for her new single 'Wet' from her album 'Killer Love.' The video meshes dance footage with a plot where Scherzinger hides out from the cops, evading capture and disguising herself with some aviator shades and a studded hoodie. We like when she throws a little punch in the air like Mike Tyson. She doesn't "hide" for long as the need to dance causes her to come out of the shadows. She is also being surveyed by security camera, adding a little voyeuristic element to the clip.

What's most impressive about Scherzinger is her astounding athletic and acrobatic methods of dancing. She can pretty much bend over backwards when busting a move and she gets wet, of course, here and there. Anything less would be uncivilized in a video for a song called 'Wet.' Scherzinger alternates outfits – there's some black leather involved -- and also sings behind a window pane while it's raining, wearing little more than a tank top. She doesn't even have to try and be sexy; she just is.

There is footage of her dancers doing graffiti and breaking into an indoor swimming pool. The clip ends with the Scherz and her dancers in the concrete pool, with no water, though. They are getting wet in other ways. If nothing else, the video for 'Wet' will inspire you to take an aerobics class.

Watch the Nicole Scherzinger 'Wet' Video