When Lil Wayne performed 'Nightmares of the Bottom' on MTV: Unplugged little was known about who produced the piano-driven song.

The good folks at The Source were able to track down the producer in question and found him in a small town in Texas. Ben Vaughn (aka SnizzyOnTheBeat) is the actual beatmaker behind 'Nightmares,' which is one of the 19 tunes that purportedly will appear on Weezy's new LP 'Tha Carter IV' (in stores Aug. 29).

Snizzy, who used to work at Pizza Hut, is still reeling off the fact that he has a producer's credit on one of the most anticipated albums of the summer. "It blows my mind," he says.

Oddly enough, the 17-year-old producer doesn't have clue as to how the Young Money leader obtained his beat, but he has some theories. "I think some shady ass producer out there downloaded it off my page, chopped it up to where my tag wasn't in it, and he got it from them somehow," he says. "I have no clue honestly, but everything is finally getting settled officially."

Although Snizzy hasn't met the Young Money leader, yet, he hopes his song placement will help his burgeoning career as a producer. "If things keep going this way [and] things go as planned, I'll be making tracks and be able to support myself [and] pursue that as my actual career," he says. "I love what I do."

Watch Lil Wayne 'Nightmares of the Bottom' Video from MTV Unplugged