Nike's visually impressive Make It Count video follows the journey of a man who collects a lifetime of experiences in just 10 days. The clip features the music of Montreal DJ/producer Tiga, whose song '(Far From) Home' provides the musical background for the commercial.

The four and a half minute video opens with a visual introduction from filmmaker Casey Neistat, who writes that Nike gave him money to make a movie about what "make it count" means to him. He decides to use the money to travel to faraway places with a friend until he runs out of money, which takes only 10 days.

The Tiga song starts as we see footage of Casey driving to the airport to start the adventure. The dance track plays as the filmmaker flies to Paris, then Cairo, South Africa, Rome and Bangkok. He rides elephants, jumps into natural lakes, visits landmarks and enjoys local foods.

In between clips, viewers see inspirational quotes from people like Helen Keller, Hunter S. Thompson, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln, including Lincoln's words of wisdom, "In the end it's not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years."

'(Far From) Home' was a track from Tiga's 2007 album 'Sexor,' which won the Juno Award, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy, for Dance Recording of the Year.

Watch Tiga's '(Far From) Home' in the Nike Make It Count Commercial