Ever since Juan Pablo Galavis chose Nikki Ferrell in the controversial season finale of 'The Bachelor,' everyone from ex-contestants to John Mayer has weighed in with their thoughts on the seemingly villainous Bachelor. And that list of haters is now going up by one, with Ferrell's ex speaking out on the reality show relationship.

"Knowing her like I do, I'm surprised Nikki acted like everything was fine during After the Final Rose," Ferrell's ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill tells Us Weekly. McDill and Ferrell reportedly dated for a year before breaking up in July 2013.

"She normally wouldn't take that s--- from a guy," he claims to the magazine, referring to the fact that Galavis infamously refused to tell her he loved her, even after Ferrell said those three little words.

"The Nikki I know would have slapped him and walked out," McDill alleges.

Has reality TV fame changed Nikki Ferrell? While that's what her ex seems to think, he also may not be the best judge -- after all, the fact that he is speaking out about it shows at least a hint of bitterness. That being said, he is far from the first person to disagree with Ferrell's decision to stay with Galavis.

For what it's worth, the couple appears to be going strong in the face of the constant criticism -- but only time will tell if their love will really last.