Nikki Williams is not only talented and gorgeous, but in a new behind-the-scenes look at her 'Glowing' video, she proves she's also hilarious. Seriously, can we please be BFFs with this girl?

The clip opens with Williams waxing poetic -- and silly -- about her love of listening to classical music when she's in a blind rage. Soon we see the crimson-haired chanteuse first thing in the morning, then getting dolled up for her shoot. "The first scene was pretty much me just looking pretty," she grinned. And she's right!

She was particularly excited for the carnival scenes, and especially for a certain aerial exercise. "I just flew a freakin' hot air balloon, and I ruled in it and it was awesome," she gushed. "Oh! The power!"

She ends the glam-yet-goofy behind-the-scenes glimpse with a cute convo with Hype Williams. Do you think they're really siblings?