Obsessed with the Weeknd's 'Wicked Games'? Well, so is Nikki Yanofsky -- and her take on the track is totally killer. Seriously, just listen to the exclusive premiere of her cover in the player above!

We're all about Nikki's earthy and almost haunting twist on the R&B hit, delivering a powerful performance packed with intense vocals and a jazzy, almost Amy Winehouse-meets-Lorde sound to the tune.

"As a fellow Canadian, I love the Weeknd," Nikki tells PopCrush. "I’ve been a longtime fan and I thought it would be cool to cover this song from a woman's perspective!”

In fact, we think that Nikki's perspective of the track is one of the coolest aspects of her cover, giving the song a uniquely female point of view. While Nikki's cover is decidedly more safe for work than the original, we love how she still brings that hard edge with with just a few well-placed four letter words -- it totally adds a badass touch.

Check out Nikki Yanofsky's cover of the Weeknd's 'Wicked Games' above. Your ears will be happy you did.

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