NKOTBSB, aka the supergroup that fuses two of the most almighty boy bands to ever strike the music scene -- the Backstreet Boys and News Kids on the Block -- have released their debut single, 'Don't Turn Out the Lights.'

The upbeat pop song will be featured on NKOTBSB's forthcoming, self-titled album, and has a classic boy band vibe, with a harmonious chorus and toe-tapping melody.

The song kicks off with a pulsing synth and 808 as the members of the collaborative vocal group take turns singing the catchy verses. The song's lyrics are about a relationship that is fizzling out, with the nine members singing about their hopes of making it work out in the long run.

"I know we haven't been getting along, at all / I don't think that it's time/ You and I can give in just call, it off / I don't wanna say goodbye / Cause just when I think we're through, the memories just come flooding back / It's like instantly I love you like that / I was on fire for you / We could get it back again if you don't say it's the end, the end," the group sings in the first verse.

NKOTBSB are comprised of all of the original members of both boy bands, with the exception of Kevin Richardson, who parted ways from BSB in 2006. NKOTBSB will be touring throughout the US this summer, with their first gig scheduled for May 25 in Rosemont, Ill.

Listen to NKOTBSB, 'Don't Turn Out the Lights'