It was TGIF with NKOTBSB -- the cross-pollination of '80s boy band NKOTB with their '90s counterpart Backstreet Boys. The groups brought it on the 'Today' show this morning, performing outside on a gorgeous, breezy summer day in NYC.

The audience was filled with screaming girls, a mix of women who grew up on NKOTB and BSB, and those who are experiencing them for the first time!

NKOTB went first, performing their massive hit, 'You Got It (The Right Stuff).' They wore coordinated military jackets and of course, vocalist Joe McIntyre was there, even though his wife just gave birth to their third child earlier this week!

The Kids also did their signature dance, where they kick their legs back and forth like a pendulum. It felt like 1989 all over again, in the best possible way. It was a healthy dose of some much-appreciated nostalgia and it's a testament to the well-crafted pop songs these talented young men sing; the songs and the performers have held up after all these years. Singer Jordan Knight looked like he was having the most fun, walking on the part of the stage that dipped into the crowd.

BSB took the stage next, giving a NKOTBSB shout-out before launching into their smash hit, 'Larger Than Life.' While on paper and in theory it might feel like almost too much boy band on one stage, this mash up really works, as the bands don't appear to compete; they rather commingle perfectly.

BSB then proceeded to capitalize on the momentum that NKOTB initially brought. The choreography! The stylin' outfits! The harmonies! It made us squeal with delight.

Watch NKOTBSB Perform on the 'Today' Show