Good news, No Doubt fans! The wait for their new album is officially almost over."Hi everyone! We are the band No Doubt," Tony Kanal said, set to the tune of 'Underneath It All' and screaming archived fan footage. The rest of the band introduced themselves, because, hey, it has been a while. "We've been sharing a lot of information with you, but there's one piece of information we've held back," Kanal said. "But today might be the day to tell you that."

Stefani finished Kanal's thought -- sort of. "Our record is coming out on September 26th," she said, giving her signature red-lipped, gummy grin. Her announcement was followed with some finger wags, giggles and canned applause. "I mean, September 25th!"

The band previously bummed fans out when they revealed in September 2011 that their album wouldn't see the light of day for a while. In a statement on, the 'Just a Girl' rockers wrote, "Ideally our new record would be coming out this year but it’s just not ready yet. We don’t want to rush this album just to get it out. This collection of songs means everything to us and our only priority right now is to make sure that it’s the best album we can possibly make. There is still more work for us to do."

In March, No Doubt celebrated their 25th anniversary in the studio. The as-yet-untitled new record will be the band's first since 2001's 'Rock Steady.' Since then, the guys and Gwen have all started families, with their famous frontwoman also releasing two acclaimed hit solo albums.

We guess all that work they had to do is done!

Watch No Doubt Talk About Their New Album Release