Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal show up to the studio in the second No Doubt studio webisode, with horn players jamming out to Darth Vader's theme song, 'The Imperial March.' Do they inspire such fear upon arrival? No! They are just employing lots of horns on the band's new album 'Push and Shove." Here's to hoping the 'March' makes it on the record's final cut.

Stefani, looking always fashionable in a black-and-white checkered coat, bright orange lips, and hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, says, "It's exciting today," to which the cameraman asks, "What are we doing today?" She grins and replies, "Horny hornies."

Horny hornies? Oh yes!

Kanal, who plays bass in the band, talks about the two scheduled dates with horn players, who are blasting their instruments in the studio. The band admits that these players have added freshness to the record and even wrote some parts on the songs, on the spot, in the studio. That's what we call organic. How amazing is it that No Doubt are writing songs with players, as opposed to with, you know, Mac Book Pros?

Stefani says, "Basically all the sort of reggae'ish, dance hall'y type songs have horns," revealing that she is "surprised at how many songs have horns on this record."

We have to point out that it's so great seeing her in band mode, since she was focusing on being a solo diva and fashion designer for the past few years. She's back to her roots with No Doubt, pushing and shoving!

Watch No Doubt + Horn Players in 'Push and Shove' Studio Webisode 2