No Doubt shift into overdrive for their 'Settle Down' video. Each member of the band starts off behind the wheel of their own Mack truck, but they're not exactly operating them safely. They're checking maps and not really paying attention. But then again, they're on a mission to reunite, so they speed things up.

Upon arriving at their destination, the four members hug, which is symbolic, since they've not released any new music in over a decade and they've come back together as a collective. They may have remained in one another's personal lives, but they endured a lengthy musical hiatus. They're back and they've arrived on the scene -- again -- with the subtleness of a Mack truck.

It's pretty amazing that frontwoman Gwen Stefani has not aged a bit. She looks like she's 25, and she dances with similarly youthful energy, too. She has a boundless, bottomless reserve, undoubtedly honed by her hectic schedule, since she is a mom of two young sons and has her own burgeoning fashion lines in the form of L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Girls.

The band plays their instruments and hosts an all night, after-dark dance party. Stefani is rocking out like a teenager in a moshpit, and there is even a country line dance. Only in a No Doubt video...

There's also a subtle, blink-and-you-miss it product placement, as Stefani swipes her signature red lips with L'Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss. She's a spokesperson for the cosmetics company, so she was just doing her job by including it in the clip. Watch it twice and see if you can find it.

Watch No Doubt 'Settle Down' Video