Yes, it really has been a decade since So Cal's ska/reggae influenced pop punkers No Doubt have released an album, a fact that causes singer Gwen Stefani to bristle when people remind her.

The blonde bombshell singer (and fashion mogul) likes to remind people that the No Doubters have filled their time with noble pursuits in the past 10 years, telling Rolling Stone that "marriages, babies and, for me, two records and two clothing lines. So if you really worked out the math, you'd be like, 'Wow, you guys are going fast.'" Besides Stefani's full plate, drummer Adrian Young performed with Maroon 5 and Scott Weiland, while other members went on to do production work. So it's not like they were, you know, sitting by idly on their rumps while Stefani went wild with other endeavors.

No Doubt's sixth album is about two months away from being finished and it is currently untitled. But the band did offer the mag a taste of a handful of songs with titles like 'Settle Down' and 'One More Summer,' which are reportedly true to form and represent No Doubt's signature sound.

Stefani, who set the solo world ablaze with two albums (including the mega blockbuster 'Love.Angel.Music.Baby,' which yielded the anti-cheerleader anthem 'Hollaback Girl') is adamant about one thing. While her "girl side and theatrical side" informed the solo efforts, she's back with No Doubt and the glamazon affirms that she's now "heels off." We love it when she rocks tri-color sneakers.

Here's the timeline that No Doubt have been adhering to with Album Six: They started writing in 2008, when the Hollaback Girl was pregnant with her second son, but she felt creatively drained and had writer's block. So, they toured in 2009. At the end of that year, they got together again to write, and it felt, well, right. "I had gone on my tortured journey of working with outside songwriters," Stefani said. "I would throw up if someone made me do that again."

Jeez, sounds like despite the massive success she achieved on the solo end, it was b-a-n-a-n-a-s for Stefani, and she feels good about the reconvene with her Orange County bros. They worked on the tunes through 2010 and have been recording them this year.

"It's so exciting to have a record coming out," Stefani said, clearly not feeling like she has to throw up anymore. "And we all want the same thing: For it to be modern and catchy and addictive. Once you make music that connects with people, it's like you taste blood — you can't go back."

Blood is thicker than ... Bananas!

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