This is a photo posted on Kendall Jenner's Instagram.

This is a photo of a girl laying naked on a horse.

But this is not a photo of Kendall Jenner laying naked on a horse posted on Kendall Jenner's Instagram. Why? Because it's NOT KENDALL JENNER.

The black and white photo, which was posted on Kendall's Instagram yesterday (Saturday November 28) has already garnered over 1.1 million likes and over 88,000 comments. And while there was no caption (nor credit) posted along with the bareback snap, many are assuming and/or are convinced that the girl featured in the nude photo is Kendall herself. Except, it's clearly not.

In fact, the Lady Godiva-esque photo originally belongs to a French model named Elisa Meliani, who posted the fashion photo of herself laying nude on the back of her horse Montichouala Creme just last year. The photo, which is part of a series of Elisa nude with her horse, was taken by photographer David Bellemere and was shared in September 2014. Take a look:

See? Not Kendall, you guys!

Elisa's not mad though! If anything, she's feeling "blessed" that the super famous Jenner sister shared the photo—credit be damned.

While the photo, as we've established multiple times now, is not of a nude Kendall Jenner, it isn't the first time the famous model and reality TV star has dabbled with nudity in her work. Just earlier this year, controversy struck when the model went seemingly topless during a shoot with Steven Klein for Love magazine. In reality, she was wearing a prosthetic piece to make her breasts look more exaggerated. The name of the shoot? "Boobs."

Because, fashion.

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