Can North of Nine just serenade us all day, every day?

As our readers know, the band recently stopped by PopCrush and performed their single "Can It Be You" -- but they also treated us to an acoustic sesh of "Open Road," another jam off of their debut EP, Alive. And we loved it with our entire beings.

First of all, there is no denying that the song is insanely catchy (just try getting those "whoa, oh, oh"s out of your head), but secondly, we can't get over how kickass the band sounds live. There's something to be said for a group who gels so well together, blending lead singer Jackson Guthy's husky vocals so seamlessly with keyboards, guitar, bass, the cajon (y'know, that drumlike thing) and more. And it sounds entirely delicious.

"Open Road" appears on North of Nine's Alive EP -- and based on what Jackson told us about the meaning behind the EP title, there is no doubt that the track totally fits with the band's vision.

"We’re all young guys who all have a love and passion for music, and it’s showing that this is going to be a journey for us and that we’re gonna have to work super hard," Jackson said. "But we’re all young and ready to experience this together as five friends ready to kind of take on all that’s to come. And we’re alive and ready." Follow that open road, boys.

Watch North of Nine perform "Open Road" in the video above! Psst: You can also watch them perform "Can It Be You" (acoustic!) here and talk about the song, their Alive EP and more here.