Some schools reschedule midterm exams for things like, oh, we dunno, natural disasters or deaths in the family. In Norway, five schools have rescheduled their midterms so that the students can go see Justin Bieber perform in concert. Way to have those priorities in line, Norwegian school officials. Actually, this is a well-played and perfectly orchestrated chess move.

Now, we bet Beliebers in other countries wished their schoolmasters had that much respect for their love for and devotion to the Biebs. And as it turns out, the education officials are being smart and adopting an "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" stance that actually benefits fans of the 'All Around the World' crooner.

The Ministry of Education and Research representatives were worried that the Beliebers in the Alesund region would try and play hooky so they could make the trek to Oslo, where the Biebs is scheduled to play two shows this month. So, they relented and swapped exam dates, since it's better in the long run.

Education minister Kristin Halvorsen said, "I am concerned that students should be concentrating when they take tests and midterms. The local schools have the responsibility to schedule the local midterms, and if they think there is any reason to change the dates, they have authority to do so. We’ve all been 14 years old and know that interests can be intense."

That's quite a considerate and respectful attitude for the education administrators to have for teenagers. They clearly "get" their demographic and what it's like to be a kid that loves a global pop star.

That's also some serious power for the Teen Vogue double cover boy! The Biebs can cause a country's education brass to change schedules and accommodate his concerts in order to keep fans focused on their schoolwork. Wow. Just wow. You're something else, JB. Selena Gomez needs to reconsider breaking up with you!

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