Sigh. Where do we even begin with this nonsense? Carly Rae Jepsen's song 'Call Me Maybe' has taken off like a bat out of h---, and truth be told, we've kind of had enough, especially now that President Obama and Miss USA are on the bandwagon.

We like to say that Carly has "Taylor Swift Syndrome" (trademark pending) which by definition, is an adult woman who acts like a tween when it comes to boys. Carly, you're 26, how 'bout ya act like it and call the dude yourself? It's 2012. And why even give him the option of calling you by saying "maybe?" -- grow a pair and tell him he'd better call or he's not getting any.

Anyways, as we mentioned, President Obama has jumped on the Carly Rae train... kind of. A genius on YouTube by the username barackdubs captured Obama speaking each word of Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' and pieced it together to form the actual song. It's the most creative form of the song we've seen, which means it's less irritable.

But Obama isn't the only one whose video is circulating the interweb; the contestants of the 2012 Miss USA pageant all participated in lip syncing the song. Leave it to hot chicks walking around in bikinis to make us question the song more than we already do. We're sure the men will enjoy this one, and okay, maybe some women out there too. It's not like we don't wear a tiara on our spare time when no one's watching. Oh and as a bonus, Donald Trump shows up in the video at the :41 mark.

Watch Obama Lip Dub to 'Call Me Maybe'

Watch Miss USA Contestants Lip Sync 'Call Me Maybe'