Odd Future's controversial brand of hip-hop may be hailed by critics, but they don't seem too popular with kiwis (that is, residents of New Zealand). Pitchfork says that Odd Future will not be performing at the upcoming Big Day Out festival's premiere in Auckland on Jan. 20, 2012, after Auckland City Council members objected to the band's misogynistic and homophobic lyrics.

For their part, the band doesn't seem too bummed. Domo Genesis tweeted, "how many people can say they are banned from new zealand? haha." And the band's presence down under hasn't been totally eliminated, since Odd Future will still be taking the stage at the festival's Australian dates.

Still, it isn't good news for the group, who have taken criticism over offensive lyrics that frequently contain violent imagery, misogynistic messages, and homophobic slurs. To make matters worse, a photographer is accusing Odd Future member Left Brain of slapping her during a recent performance — and she's considering legal action, since the group has yet to issue an apology or formal statement. Yikes!

After so much controversial press (including a high-profile feud between Odd Future member Frank Ocean and Chris Brown) this point, the last thing the group needs is more negative attention — or maybe that's just what they're counting on to keep their names in the spotlight.