LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' is no longer just the synthy, feel good dance jam of the summer. It is not just the song that will always make you think "Remember summer 2011" when you hear it years down the road. The marching band at Ohio University performed their own unique version of the song, complete with some pretty sweet dance moves. 'Party Rock Anthem' as a marching band jam? We'd never have guessed. Turns out the studio trick-heavy song translates quite seamlessly across genres and instruments.

In this video, it's the drummers that impress us the most, since they play their instruments and dance. Such multi-taskers! It was entertaining football game fare and will certainly lessen the negative connotation of the "band geek" in pop culture as this clips continues to spread on the viral level.

Overall, it It was well-choreographed and sounded amazing, too. We think LMFAO would be proud of how their hit got reworked.

Watch Ohio University Marching Band Perform LMFAO 'Party Rock Anthem'