OK Go are truly masters of the music video, and for their latest clip for the 'Muppet Show Theme Song,' the quartet teams up with the Muppets for an epic, time warp video. However, this collaboration between the 'Here It Goes Again' group and the fuzzy Jim Henson creatures wasn't just by chance (even though it wouldn't really be surprising if it was). OK Go recorded the revamped, rockin' theme song for the upcoming LP, 'Muppets: The Green Album.'

In the 'Muppet Show Theme Song' video, OK Go starts off by messing around on some sort of crazy complicated instrument. As they are trying to perfect their sound, a moth flies in and along comes that big scary monster muppet, who is ironically named Sweetums, and complete chaos breaks loose.

The guys from OK Go are transported through a bunch of their older music videos and a zany Muppets wonderland. As the band is bouncing from one set to another, Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew speed up their treadmills from the 'Here It Goes Again' video, and the puppets invade their captivating kaleidoscopic imagery from the 'All Is Not Lost' video to transform it into a wacky Muppet singing montage.

Although the entire video is a joy to watch, the end is by far the best part. Singer Damian Kulash wakes up in bed, thinking that the whole Muppet fiasco was a dream -- but he soon wakes up to realize three Muppets are actually in bed with him, causing him to let out a scream. Then, in a scene straight out of 'Inception' (if Leo's character was played by Kermit the Frog instead), Muppet Dr. Teeth wakes up and and realizes OK Go is in bed with him! The hilarity continues for another two sequences, and we were gasping for breath up until the closing seconds.

Watch the Muppets and OK Go's 'Muppet Show Theme Song' Video