Taylor Swift will be releasing her 'Journey to Fearless' DVD next week, and now a new clip from the film features old photos and a home movie of the country star in her younger years.

In the home video footage, fans can see Swift receiving her very first guitar at "8 or 9 years old." Filled with excitement, she opens up the gift, exclaiming, "Whoa!"

However, Swift, now 21, explains that she was reluctant to learn how to play guitar when she was little. "I couldn't motivate myself to learn because my fingers were too small," she says. It wasn't until she was 12 that everything changed.

Swift's parents hired a computer technician to come fix their daughter's PC, and when he spotted the guitar, he asked the tween if she knew how to play. The would-be star shyly admitted that she didn't, and then the tech offered to teach her a few chords. The rest, as they say, is history.

This moment is just one of the many featured in the upcoming concert DVD, which includes 13 live performances of songs from 'Fearless' and her self-titled debut, as well as interviews and more home movie footage. Swift's 'Journey to Fearless' film will be released on Oct. 11 via Shout! Factory.

Watch Taylor Swift Receive Her First Guitar