Is it us or does Olly Murs channel a little bit of Adam Levine in his new single 'Dance With Me Tonight?'

Granted, it's poppier than Levine's work in Maroon 5, but Murs employs a bit of Levine-like falsetto in the song, which is a jukebox'y jam packed with horns, handclaps and an old school, throwback vibe. We dare you to listen to this and expunge the melody from your brain. We tried and failed miserably. It's that catchy.

Despite the throwback-y sound, Murs infuses the mix with a touch of modernity thanks to his energy and his lyrics. How can anyone, much less the ladies, resist his request to dance with him tonight? Impossible, we say.

The song has a melody that won't (and doesn't) quit and reminds us of the melodies and harmonies of the girl groups of the '60s, even though Murs is a British boy singing on his own. He channels that energy and that vibe successfully.

Murs is vocally charming and his voice is dreamy and sweet, but not so sweet it'll cause cavities.

We're happy to report that he doesn't employ a feature or a guest in the song. It's all Olly -- his finger snaps and his voice.

'Dance With Me Tonight' should be another hit for him, following his Flo Rida-assisted 'Troublemaker,' which is one of the most feel good songs to hit our ears in recent years.

'Dance With Me Tonight' shimmers and shines, but it's by no means sanitized.

Listen to Olly Murs, 'Dance With Me Tonight'