Olly Murs is just gearing up for U.S. superstardom on the heels of his new video for 'Heart Skips a Beat,' but he's already getting fans excited for his second single, 'Troublemaker,' featuring Flo Rida.

"It's exciting really to come out with a new record and obviously 'Heart Skips a Beat' is what we're promoting at the moment, but obviously to get the video sorted for 'Troublemaker' is what we wanted to get done as soon as we came to America," Murs told MTV. 'Troublemaker' will be the second single from Murs' upcoming debut, 'Right Place, Right Time.'

Despite Flo Rida's fun-loving, easygoing nature, Olly was actually a little apprehensive about working with the rapper, mainly because he thought it was going to be pretty difficult. Good thing he was wrong!

"Getting Flo Rida on the record was kind of easy, in a way. [It] wasn't hard," Murs revealed. "I was expecting it to be a lot harder than it was. We just literally sent him the track, his people the track and they heard it and really liked it," Murs said, "And Flo Rida was like 'I really want to do it.' So he was up for doing it ... it came back and it sounded amazing," Olly gushed. "I just think the way the song is and when people hear it, they'll understand why Flo Rida is such a perfect person to sing the song and get his vibe on it. It's exciting!"

Sounds like both artists were in the right place at the right time!

Watch Olly Murs Talk About Working With Flo Rida on 'Troublemaker'