In his new 'Troublemaker' video, Olly Murs serenades a beautiful raven haired girl, singing that she's, well, a troublemaker. But from the looks of it, she's just in the wrong place at the wrong time a lot -- and that's usually when Murs is around.

Olly sees the girl in a diner where she works and gets sexually harassed by a patron, then fired when she retaliates. She finds a new job at a record store, where Murs follows her around and eventually earns her a pink slip. The same thing happens when she finds work in a boutique. Stalking her isn't helping pay her bills, Olly! The clip, which features Flo Rida in separate vignettes in front of a convertible and on a billboard, concludes at a night club. Tune in to see if she's still employed as a cocktail waitress at the end!