Birthday boy Olly Murs, who turns 29 today (May 14, 2013), has a new video out, and the usually fun-loving Brit is much more serious and in tune with his emotions for 'Dear Darlin'.' The heartbreaking loneliness and sad memories that we see in flashes during 'Dear Darlin'' actually made us think of another crooner who suffered from heartache in one of his most famous videos -- Bruno Mars in 'It Will Rain.'

After watching and comparing both clips, which video tugs at your heart strings more? Olly's forlorn clip for 'Dear Darlin',' or Bruno Mars' melancholy music video for 'It Will Rain'?

In the beginning of 'Dear Darlin',' we see Mr. Murs with his head hanging low, seated in a dimly lit apartment looking absolutely torn up inside. He soon begins to have flash backs about moving in with his girlfriend, and the terrible fights that ensued between the two of them. We then see his former GF strolling about the city, and everything she sees reminds her of Olly. The same goes for the crooner, as he cannot escape the memory of his lady, but despite their longing for one another, in the end they (or at least she seems to) know things cannot work out.

Meanwhile, over in Bruno Mars' world of depression and heartbreak, our favorite Hooligan has zero time for shenanigans, as he is completely consumed by despair. You see, his girl left him, and now Bruno feels like "everyday it will rain." The dilapidated, water-damaged setting reflects his bleak outlook on life as well as the metaphorical aspect of the lyrics, as he beautifully croons about the love of his life, and how he is having more than a hard time moving past their relationship. Like Olly's clip, we also get flashbacks of happier days when Bruno was his GF's main man.

So, let's cheer these heartbroken fellas up by rooting them on in best music video poll! Vote for either Olly or Bruno below!

Watch the Olly Murs 'Dear Darlin'' Video

Watch the Bruno Mars 'It Will Rain' Video