When Lady Gaga offers an up-and-coming girl group a ringing endorsement via a tweet, like she just did for the OMG Girlz, you can bet that we're going to perk up and check them out. The verdict:  We love 'em.

Gaga posted, "Im sort of obsessed with these little cuties: The OMG Girlz. I just want comb their hair and tie bows in it all day!!!"

Once we watch the Girlz in their video for 'Gucci This (Gucci That),' we were right there with the Mother Monster. But we didn't want to stop at combing their locks and fastening bows in them. We wanted to hit the nearest Betsey Johnson boutique and MAC cosmetics counter to shop for cute dresses and day-glo makeup with the OMG Girlz. They already have a fierce, bold and bright style and obviously love room-brightening makeup.

The trio sports colorful hair and cotton candy fashion sense as they dance, shop, play with makeup and drop the name of high-end designers throughout their pop-rap song. They are somewhat of a modern update of TLC when that girl group burst on the scene in the early '90s. Imagine TLC inviting Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry over for a sleepover. The OMG Girlz are what would ensue when they gave each other makeovers.

The OMG Girlz are cute, sassy and stylish. Did we mention that they can dance, too?

Watch the OMG Girlz 'Gucci This (Gucci That)' Video