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Hey Directioners -- how are you guys doing? Are you hanging in there? If you're anything like us you're trying to pick yourselves off the ground after being pummeled to the floor by an onslaught of mixed emotions caused by the sheer beauty of One Direction's new song -- the romantic, Ed-Sheeran-penned '18.'

If you've preordered 'Four,' you get access to a new track every day this week, all leading up to the release of their upcoming album when it drops on Nov. 17. Yesterday they released the 80s-inspired 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go,' and today they released '18.'

'18' is an incredibly sweet, mid-tempo song about having been in love with someone for years. And while the One Direction guys skew pretty young, age-wise, we understand the emotion behind the track.

Because here's the thing -- there's really nothing like feeling things when you're a teenager. That sounds like a strange statement, but it's true. Whether you're 18 or 15 or 14 every emotion is heightened. Your heart constantly feels ready to burst open -- be it from heartache or from loving something so much it hurts. You never really feel that immensely about things again -- like everything is a matter of life or death. There's probably some scientific reasoning behind this involving hormones and puberty, but that doesn't make those emotions any less real or valid or true.

So when the chorus kicks in with: "I want a love like you made me feel / When we were 18," we totally get it. It does a great job at capturing that feeling of loving someone with such intense passion and longing and, well, in case you couldn't tell -- we can't get enough of this track.

How do you guys feel about the track? Did it make you cry? Did it make your heart soar? Did you preorder the album? Are you sick of these questions? Check out the video of Niall announcing the release of '18' above!

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