One Direction's Morgan Spurlock-directed 3D concert film is approaching fast. Those of you Directioners who can't wait? There's a teaser!

Spurlock agreed to shoot the movie mostly out of curiosity: “These guys have gotten so huge in such a short amount of time," he said. "Why?”

The trailer doesn't reveal too much in terms of answers, but let's be real: you already know why you love them.

We see the guys prepping for music videos and performances and interacting with screaming Directioners. There's also some confessional-style footage featuring Zayn Malik, who was rumored to be considering leaving the group, tells the camera, "As a group, we're stronger than if there were five people by themselves." (That's comforting, right?) In a separate scene, Liam Payne affirms that the guys are tight: "I always wanted a little brother. Now I've got four of them."

The film seems to be moving quickly, as the band only recently came back from Tokyo -- and a lot of the trailer footage is of the band in Japan. In one quick clip we see them learning to bow (cute!).

'1D3D' is due to hit theaters on Aug. 30, 2013. Get ready, Directioners!