Despite pretty much being the prom kings of the BRIT Awards for two years in a row, One Direction still get starstruck and anxious before their homeland's biggest musical night.

"I was nervous," Harry Styles said in a post-performance interview backstage at the 2013 awards. "This was a big one. The BRITs is just big in itself, and then we performed the Comic Relief single for the first time as well."

Niall Horan admitted it was pretty overwhelming to perform on a show that he used to sit home and watch with his family from on his couch. "We couldn't believe that we're here," he said. "Looking around the tables and Rihanna's there, and Bruno Mars is there ... then we were nominated, and then we won, which was even better!" he gushed. "It's a really great night and it's a great awards show. We don't get to go to too many of these, so we're lucky enough to come to this one."

Hazza said he was most excited to see Mumford & Sons perform -- and then he and Nialler described how they balance work and play on such a huge night. Tune in to see who they guessed would fall asleep first after the show!