You know what we’ve come to realize over the past four years? There is truly no such thing as too much One Direction. Its like they know just how long they need to be missing from the public eye to make us long for their imminent return. We've calculated the amount of time necessary and it comes out to about three seconds.

Now that their promotional tour for ‘Four’ is in full force, it’s almost like there's never enough One Direction to keep us happy. That’s why, when they stopped by ‘The Ellen Show’ we knew we’d have everything we’d ever dreamed of in a 1D interview, because if anybody can deliver, it’s Ellen DeGeneres.

The interview was one of our favorites, because Ellen really knows to ask the hard hitting questions. We're talking about things like “Are you trying to grow a mustache?” to which Harry responds: “Yeah I’ve been growing it for about 20 years now.”

Also, can we just express to the world how elated we are that Zayn is back with the band? Alright, he only missed one day of promotion, but it felt more like we were all trapped for twenty years in the saddest, darkest cave. He truly lights up our world like nobody else.

An interesting tidbit we find out? Niall came up with the title for ‘Four’ — which we find out through a hilarious exchange between he and Ellen, naturally.

The cutest part? Ellen brings a fan up to meet the guys, and her reaction is too adorable. She’s so overwhelmed with joy that she’s constantly weeping and hiding behind her hands the entire time. Honestly, we can’t really blame her. If we were that close to them we would probably collapse under the weight of our feelings, too.

There’s no real way to really do justice to the interview, so make sure you check it out above!

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