One Direction's trip to Africa was an eventful one. We saw Harry Styles and Zayn Malik cry as Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson maintained their composure while expressing subtle outrage at the poor conditions in Ghana. And now we can see a longer look at the band's time in the country, for which they were simultaneously praised and maligned -- and by which they clearly moved.

The videos are divided into stories for each band member's individual experiences in the country. While most of us have already gotten choked up seeing Styles cry, some parts of his trip to Ghana were more lighthearted -- he witnesses a birth ceremony, plays with kids and attempts to learn how to dance from "the most talented person" he's ever seen. He's clearly humbled by what he's witnessed.

In Tomlinson's vignette, he was in awe at the wonder from the children in Ghana at Malik's tattoos. "These kids are just so cute," he gushed. "They just wanna shake your hand, and that's what makes you feel like you want to make a difference, because they're such lovely people ... and this is what they have to put up with. And they shouldn't."

Payne's piece is particularly fun to watch. In addition to his heartwrenching hospital trip, Payne busts some moves with the locals, high fiving the kids and having a good time. In Horan and Malik's individual clips, there are a lot of sick children and tears.

Thankfully, the boys also recorded a behind-the-scenes look at their Red Nose Day photo shoot to offset the heaviness!

The videos are for sale on iTunes to support Red Nose Day, but unfortunately cannot be purchased in the states. Still, you can donate to the cause by clicking here.

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