One Direction are unstoppable! The adorable Brits performed live in Albany, N.Y., yesterday (Feb. 28) with Big Time Rush, and the crowd's reaction was mindblowing. The level of screaming is on par with the Beatles and a slasher film.

The blokes opened their set with an introductory video, giving shots of each of the members and their likes and dislikes. Their first song of the evening was 'I Want,' and it's clear that the audience wanted them.

They followed with their ballad, 'Moments,' and were almost completely drowned out by screaming. We noticed that the shrieks grew especially loud whenever Zayn Malik had a solo. It seems he may be overtaking Harry Styles as the token heartthrob on this side of the pond (although they're all cuties!).

Their next swoon worthy song was a cover of Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody' that should make Caleb Followill nervous -- they put his vocals to shame, and Niall Horan's guitar skills were showcased as well.

Just when you didn't think the crowd's decibels could be surpassed, the guys performed 'One Thing,' then led the audience into a rousing singalong of their album's title track, 'Up All Night.'

What's especially refreshing about the 'X Factor' U.K. alumni is that that while they're perfectly clean cut young gentlemen, they're not overly polished like many of their counterparts from both today and yesteryear (here's lookin' at you, Backstreet Boys!). From their lack of choreography to their boy-next-door dimples, seeing One Direction live gives them an approachable, human quality that will take them far -- and explains why Toronto had to shut their streets down when the boys were in town.

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