In the battle of the "Gotta Be You" songs, only one boy band can come out on top. Will it be One Direction or Backstreet Boys? Cast your votes!

One Direction's "Gotta Be You" is the second single from the group's debut album, Up All Night. And while we love the song so much that it's hard to adequately describe our feelings, we're going to sure as hell going to try. First of all, the track brings us back to the days of fetus 1D, which is always a pleasure. The song is a perfect showcase of the group's pure, bubblegum pop sound that they so deliciously embodied in 2012 -- a surefire way to put a gigantic grin on our faces. While it's not as sugary as "What Makes You Beautiful," "Gotta Be You" is a gorgeous ballad that features the guys singing falsetto, which means that it's basically perfection.

Backstreet Boys get serious points for originating the "Gotta Be You" track, which came out 13 whole years before 1D would come out with their version. "It's Gotta Be You" appeared on 1999's Millennium, and while never released as a single, is a fan favorite to this day. (And possibly a factor in the album becoming one of the highest-selling records of all time.) "It's Gotta Be You" is a super upbeat, feel-good song that pretty much encompasses that trademark '90s Backstreet sound, which means it's obviously a staple in our daily playlists (and in our hearts 4eva).

Whose "Gotta Be You" song do you like better? Vote for One Direction or Backstreet Boys in the poll below!

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