In the battle of the British boy bands, it was pretty accepted that the Wanted won the "Bad Boy" category. But that doesn't mean that One Directionare totally squeaky clean, either. The 'Live While We're Young' singers revealed that they have some skeletons in their schoolboy closets!

While Liam Payne and Harry Styles didn't have any disciplinary stories to share (yeah, we bet!), The Daily Record reports that the rest of the band had some pretty amusing anecdotes about growing up.

It likely comes as no surprise that the resident bad boy, Zayn Malik, likely had the worst school record out of the group -- and his offense, though relatively minor, could have gotten him in really big trouble, at least on this side of the pond. “I once got in trouble for having a BB gun at school. I didn't shoot anyone, I just had it. It wasn't even mine but I got done for having an imitation firearm.” To which we say, if it wasn't yours, why did you have it at school?!

Niall Horan's infractions included thievery -- and he was even threatened with expulsion. Say what?! “I maybe stole ­something when I was at school, like stuff off a friend," he confessed. “I was not a bad boy but I got ­suspended for two days for general messing about. I talked too much, which probably got me in ­trouble.”

Louis Tomlinson had the funniest story by far: “I once got suspended for a week for getting my bum out at a school performance of 'Grease.'” To be fair, the T-Birds did the same thing in the play!

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