The boys of One Direction, who are barreling head first to the No. 1 position on the Billboard Top 200 chart next week (their second stint in the top slot), shared a behind-the-scenes look at their 'Little Things' video shoot. This footage is decidedly lighter and funnier than the serious video, which of course fits the tone of the contemplative ballad.

"We are here, drinking coffee, on the shoot for 'Little Things,'" Louis Tomlinson says as he intros the clip.

Harry Styles reveals 'Little Things' is his favorite song on the album, while the director explains the decision to keep the video clean, crisp and unfettered by excess bells and whistles. The video needed to be stripped back just like the song, so that it could be about the boys and their vocals.

We also get a look at how the video's group shots were captured, with a camera circling them. They were instructed to look at the camera but not in a cheesy way. So, yes, Directioners, you are supposed to think that Zayn Malik and Co. are looking right at you!

Liam Payne dubs it their most relaxed shoot ... until he and Niall Horan engage in a fake fist fight.

No do you understand why we swoon? If you are not a Directioner, you might not get it, but that's okay. We're happy to have membership in an elite club of ladies who do get it.