One Direction revealed their celebrity crushes in a pretty hilarious new interview.

When the interviewer shows Harry Styles a photo of Kate Upton, who's been rumored to have the hots for him, he gets a little sheepish and quiet. "Do you know who this is?" the interviewer asks. Styles bites his lip and says softly, "That's Kate Upton." He's greeted with a round of applause from his bandmates, with whom he then shares handshakes. Liam Payne offers to take the photo home just, you know, for record keeping.

"You've seen Kate Upton before?" the interviewer asks. Styles, wearing a Rolling Stones tee (maybe a nod to the rumors that he'll play Mick Jagger someday?), mumbles, "My friend's shown me her before, yeah." Just then, Louis Tomlinson puts the poster on Styles' chest, folded so only Upton's marketable assets are visible. Styles remains straight-faced and quiet, saying only, "She's very attractive." He doesn't sound too enthusiastic. Sorry, Kate!

When asked who has girlfriends, Payne, Tomlinson and Zayn Malik's hands immediately shoot up. It's so adorbs that they're so open about their ladies! (Good sign, girls!) She then asks about their celeb crushes, and here's where it gets interesting.

The interview was conducted before the VMAs, so we hear a lot about what they wanted to go down at the show. Harry Styles immediately responds, "Rihanna." She had a thing for him too, remember? "She's just hot," he says. "It's like a fact. She's just hot." Unfortunately for him (but great for us), RiRi shared a smooch with longtime hot-and-cold flame Chris Brown.

Liam loves Leona Lewis (say that five times fast), while Louis prefers Natalie Portman. Niall Horan grinned and added, "Demi Lovato." (Eep!)

A tip to winning their hearts? Uh, don't hide in a trash can. You'll see what we mean when you watch!