You can say a lot of things about One Direction. They are charming, funny and definitely cute, but we wouldn't exactly say they are world class dancers -- and that's OK with us!

The boys, however, have hired a choreographer, and he's dishing on their dance prowess.

Paul Roberts told The Sun (via Capital FM), "There are no synchronised dance steps, it's more organic." Gee, ya think? Roberts really praised the 1D lads saying, "The boys just want to go on stage and have fun. They are brilliant at being aware of each other on stage, and unselfish." There's no room for a spotlight hog in One Direction!

Though it seems like Roberts has taken a hands off approach to their on-stage moves, he actually watches each performance of theirs backstage. He said, "I'm on the side of the stage. The boys take the mickey out of me for it." If you're not well-versed on British slang, that means the boys poke fun at their choreographer. Typical, 1D!

Roberts continued, "They know and understand the hand signals. When they make a mistake and things go wrong, they come off stage and immediately apologize." Aww, so their "organic" moves aren't totally haphazard!

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