One Direction may have their own dolls, their own onesies, even their own toothpaste (seriously) -- but one thing they won't put their 1D logo or perfect mugs on? Condoms.

The band turned down a pretty lucrative endorsement deal for prophylactics for fear of alienating their young fanbase. A source told The Daily Star, "The offer was enormous and even tied into a safe sex organization in the US. It came from one of the biggest brands in the world. While the boys didn't sneer at the money, they felt their fans were slightly too young for this type of project. They are promoting dolls and games, so that is the age group who are buying their products," the source explained.

However, the source added, "The boys remain very candid about supporting the use of condoms if asked in interviews."

That part is definitely true. Harry Styles in particular has been vocal about safe sex. In a recent interview, Hazza confessed, "The first time I had sex, I was scared I got the girl pregnant. And that was despite the fact we were safe! Luckily, we were fine.” Styles continued, “I would never risk not wearing a condom, it’s too much of a risk. If you’re not ready for a child, then don’t risk it.”

This should bring a sigh of relief to Taylor Swift, Hazza's girl of the moment, during their hotel trysts -- and to whoever each of the serial daters shacks up with next!

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